Fart Pedal lingers with new limited-edition MonoNeon Edition

The pedal features a new set of MonoNeon-inspired fart noises.

The Fart Pedal has announced a limited edition MonoNeon pedal that comes packaged in a ‘Tub O’ Tasty Beans’ featuring custom artwork of MonoNeon blasting beans from his rear.

The pedal, which features a new set of MonoNeon-inspired fart noises that Fart Pedal describes as “custom crafted juicy sploots and stanky bompers”, is limited to 250 numbered units and comes in a custom ‘Tub O’ Tasty Beans’ packaging with artwork by Noah Ginex.

Each unit is priced at $227 and includes the pedal itself, numbered ‘Tub O’ Tasty Beans’ packaging, a Fart Pedal guitar pick and a 4′ MonoNeon sticker.


MonoNeon has also released a video showing off the Fart Pedal’s capabilities, and it clearly performs as advertised with a rather… wet and flatulent intonation. Watch the video below.

The Fart Pedal was initially launched as a Kickstarter project by “serial silly projects guy” Steve Gadlin of 1,000 racoon penis bone fame last year. The project was quickly taken up by gearheads, who raised £11,000 of its £22,297 goal.

“Whether it’s to achieve classic distortion, chorus, wah, or phaser noises, most guitarists plug into a variety of pedals to produce their signature sound,” the Kickstarter page read. “Now you can lace your signature sound with some truly epic farts.”

The farts aren’t just generic sounds, however, as Gadlin has explained that he worked with “an award-winning sound design company in Chicago to develop bespoke, custom fart noises”, which he holds the license for and are “tuned for exceptional live or studio performance”.

Find out more about the MonoNeon Edition Fart Pedal here.