Man builds guitar with a 360 degree spinning neck – and it’s a sight to behold

Might this be 2023’s wackiest build?

Engineering wiz slash YouTuber Mattias Krantz has once again left the internet dazed and confused with his latest invention — a guitar with a spinning 360 degree neck.

Krantz, whose past creations often resemble the product of a musician’s fever dreams – see: a gas-powered guitar, a helium balloon guitar, and a piano that literally sparks, unveiled his latest pet project in a YouTube video seeking ideas for a “360 degree spinning guitar neck motor”.

At first glance, the instrument looks just as mind-boggling as it sounds, in a ‘what happens when a guitar and a tower fan have a baby’ kind of way.

As Krantz explains, one of the challenges such a build entails is finding a way to “balance” the cylindrical rotating neck of the instrument. He’s also yet to decide where the guitar’s motor will go.

Check out the guitar below.

Speaking of wacky builds, guitar experimentalist Bernth recently designed a three-neck acoustic, which he says is “the world’s longest guitar.”

As Bernth’s video demonstrates, the first part of the guitar’s neck looks pretty normal, with regular strings and a capo attached, though things certainly get weirder as you go further up the instrument. The second neck part is “fretless rubber band neck”, also with a capo, and the third part is a “low-tuned rubber band neck.”

Impressively, Bernth manages to play the guitar; the musician has also put out a song that’s in line with the theme of his creation, titled Infinite.

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