Marshall pays tribute to the legendary JTM amp with new Studio JTM range

The company touts the amps as more lightweight “without compromising on sound quality”.

Marshall has revealed the new Studio JTM range, offering the tones of the legendary original JTM amp in a more compact size.

The range takes the key features of the original tube amp that was loved by guitarists including Jimi Hendrix, Angus Young and Peter Green, but promises to be more lightweight “without compromising on sound quality”.

This is a huge move for those that love the vintage sound but don’t want to lug around a heavy amp, the Studio JTM head, for example is only 9.25kg, shaving a third off of the original JTM’s weight.

Amps in the Studio JTM range feature classic G12M-65 Creamback Celestion speakers – which were first developed in the mid-’60s – two ECC83 preamp tubes, two 5881 power amp tubes, an ECC83 phase splitter. Players can also retain the ability to jump channels with a patch cable to blend between normal and high treble tones.

In addition to this, Marshall has also added a series of new features such as the ability to switch between 20 Watts and 5 Watts at the click of a switch, and the inclusion of an FX Loop and DI out.

Hear the Studio JTM range in action below:

The series consists of a head (ST20H), combo amp (ST20C), and 1×12” (ST112) and 2×12” (ST212) cabinet options.

The suggested retail price for the head is £1,075, while the combo is priced at £1279, the 12-inch cabinet is priced £565, and the 2 x 12-inch cabinet is £765.

Back in March, Marshall was acquired by Zound Industries, maker of Marshall-licensed headphones and Bluetooth speakers.

“The way I like to think about it is that Zound has been making products to listen to music, and Marshall has been making products to make music or to play music,” said Zound CEO Jeremy de Maillard.

“We brought the Marshall brand to over 90 countries through the headphones and the speakers. So it became a much more known brand by the masses than it was before. Before it was the in-the-know, the musicians, people who were really into music who knew about the brand. But through this partnership, we’ve managed to touch a lot more people.”

Learn more about the new Studio JTM range over at Marshall.

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