Mesa Boogie debuts California Tweed 6V6 4:40 amp

Inspired by five decades of tweed-based, 6V6 magic.

Mesa Boogie has launched the California Tweed 6V6 4:40, a single-channel, all-tube amp that pays tribute to the pioneering designs of founder Randall Smith.

As its name suggests, the amp features a tweed-based design and derives its character from four 6V6 power tubes. Its tone is further shaped by six preamp tubes: five 12AX7s and a single 12AT7.

At the heart of this amp is Mesa Boogie’s newly patented Incremental Multi-Watt Power Amp with Duo-Class and Dyna-Watt technologies. These designs provide you with five power levels, two operating-classes and three wiring options – all accessible via a five-way rotary switch. Here are the options:

  • 40 Watts – 4x6V6 Class A/B Pentode
  • 30 Watts – 2x6V6 Class A/B Triode + 2x6V6 Class A/B Pentode
  • 20 Watts – 2x6V6 Class A/B Pentode
  • 10 Watts – 2x6V6 Class A/B Triode
  • 2 Watts – 1x6V6 Triode + 1x6V6 Pentode, Single-Ended Class A Parallel

On the front panel, you’ll find a single channel with Normal and Low inputs – the latter caters for pristine cleans. Other controls include a three-band EQ, as well as gain, presence, reverb, and master volume knobs.

Mesa Boogie California Tweed 1x12 Combo
The California Tweed 6V6 4:40 1×12 combo

Mesa Boogie has included a long-tank, spring reverb in this design, complete with an external reverb switching jack. The reverb footswitch and cable, however, are sold separately. Round the back, the amp also features a fully buffered, tube-driven series FX loop.

Complementing the new amp – available as a head or 1×12 combo – are two cabs: a 1×12 California Tweed 23 (100 watts) and a 2×12 California Tweed (200 watts). All configurations feature 12-inch Jensen Blackbird alnico speakers.

Check out the amp in action here:

More information at mesaboogie.com.

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