Mojotone launches the Custom BlackOut head, inspired by old-school hot-rodded Marshalls

Pumping out 18 watts of power.

Mojotone has launched its latest amplifier The Custom BlackOut British head, an 18-watt head inspired by old-school British rock amps.

The dual-channel amplifier has three inputs: hi and lo for the clean channel and a single input for the drive channel. The drive has controls for bass, midrange and treble, as well as, preamp gain, while the clean channel has a tone and volume control. Both share a master volume. The 18 watts the amp produces still manage to achieve the full-bore stadium rock tones old Marshall amps are known for, at a volume appropriate for non-stadium gigs. And thanks to the master volume, full-blast tones can be achieved at home.

At its heart are three ECC83 preamp tubes and two 6V6 Power Tubes. 6V6s are standing in for the more common EL34s found in this kind of amplifier, offering a little more headroom. There’s also an EZ81 tube rectifier, providing authentic vintage sag.

A Matching 1×12 cabinet is available for $399.99, loaded with an 8-ohm Mojotone BV 30 V.

The amplifier lists for $1,099. Find out more at mojotone.com.

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