Monty’s Guitars launches the More! and A Little More! Boost pedals

Monty’s Guitars has launched two new boost pedals designed in collaboration with Steve Crow of Audio Kitchen. the More! and A Little More!. Each makes use of JFET transistors for a lively, characterful feel reminiscent of the front end of a tube amplifier.

The More! Has two independent 15dB JFET gain stages, plus a handy effects loop to massively expand your signal chain options. Controls are, as you’d expect from a clean boost, fairly simple – each gain stage has a single volume knob. The pedal can also run at 18V as well as the standard 9V, for some extra headroom.

When not using the effects loop, the pedal will stack into itself for up to 30dB of boost. However, the loop allows you to use the pedal for a number of different boost applications. You can use one side before an overdrive pedal, and the other after it – this means that engaging the first side will increase the gain of the pedal, while the other side will increase the volume of the pedal heading to your amp.


Similarly, you can use one side of the pedal in front of your amp and the other in your effects loop. The first side will increase your preamp gain, and the second will give you a clean increase in volume.

Monty's A Little More!
Image: Monty’s Guitars

The A Little More! consists of just one side of the More! in a smaller enclosure, utilising just one of the 15dB JFET gain stages.

The More! lists for £160 and the A Little More! for £120. See them both over at