Get in the seasonal spirit with Neunaber’s Halloween Neuron

The preamp gets an orange and black coat of paint.

Neunaber has joined the Halloween fun with an orange and black version of its Neuron preamp.

The seasonal enclosure houses the same preamp circuitry, which features six control knobs, five of which have an alternate function accessed by holding down the right footswitch. The pedal allows for extensive control over your tone’s EQ, and has an integrated compressor and noise gate.

The pedal can also save up to six presets, and a MIDI-in port can control when they are recalled. The Neuron also provides speaker simulation, if you want to run straight into an interface or front-of-house.


For the Halloween version, the new colourway isn’t the only design update – the pedal now features an LED-eyed skull at its base, using the already present dual LEDs on the pedal for the spooky twist.

The Halloween Neuron lists for $299, and is available now. More information at