NAMM 2019 Video: Orange launches Pedal Baby 100 and TremLord 30

One’s a lightweight power amp, the other’s a vintage-voiced tube amp.

Orange has announced two amplifiers: the Pedal Baby 100 power amp and the TremLord 30 combo. The former is a portable 100-watt class A/B power amplifier, while the latter is a 50s-inspired combo that has in-built tremolo and reverb effects.

Pedal Baby 100 power amp

This unit is a 100-watt class A/B power amplifier that’s designed with the gigging musician in mind. It’s light – clocking in at just 3kg – and, as its name suggests, can be easily hooked up to pedalboards, modellers or digital processors.

The power amp’s Class A/B design adds the dynamics, punch and natural sounds absent in most digital modellers. Though the unit features a solid-state design, tube-based elements are also incorporated into its build. This includes an emulated Class A, single-ended front end that’s intended to preserve your tone’s character while simultaneously pushing it a little more.

In terms of connectivity, the Power Baby 100 caters to various impedance requirements: it supplies 100 watts into eight ohms and a reduced 70 watts into a 16-ohm outlet. Rounding up its features is a two-band EQ that allows you to fine-tune the tone that’s projected from your cab.

Check out the Power Baby 100 in action here:

Retails at £299.

TremLord 30 combo

This 30-watter is a 50s-inspired tube combo that’s designed for the modern player. It features a 1×12 configuration, a tube-driven tremolo and a spring reverb tank.

In the tube department, this combo is loaded with four EL84 power tubes, two ECC81 (12AT7) preamp tubes, and three ECC83 (12AX7) preamp tubes. The former provides plenty of clean headroom.

The tremolo has two footswitchable speeds as well as a depth knob. Interestingly, you can use the amp’s post-tremolo FX loop to place the in-built tremolo anywhere in an FX chain. If that’s not enough chime, the amp also serves up waves of rich, splashy reverberations that originate from a two-spring reverb tank.

Other notable features include a two-band EQ, a Headroom/Bedroom switch for low-volume playing, as well as a single Lavoce 12-inch speaker that’s voiced for a clean, warm and well-defined sound.

Hear the TremLord 30 below:

Retails at £999.

More information at orangeamps.com.


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