Origin Effects Unveils the Halcyon Green Overdrive – the brand’s “most dynamic and interactive” overdrive to date

The brand’s smallest and simplest pedal yet, the overdrive aims to overcome the shortcomings of the notorious Ibanez TS808.

Origin Effects has today (July 26) revealed the latest addition to its range of guitar pedals, the Halcyon Green Overdrive. Listed as the company’s most nimble and straightforward pedal yet, the unit promises to deliver the same vigour as the best-selling models, but with an array of enhancements.

Although listed as one of Origin’s smallest entries, the Halcyon Green promises to pack a big punch, incorporating the company’s new adaptive circuitry.

A classic low-gain overdrive pedal, it comes as no secret that the inspiration for the new unit is based on the classic Ibanez Tube Screamer, the TS808. Openly drawing parallels to the original 1980s model, Origin Effects ensures the same classic tone as in the original design, stating that the Halcyon Green will deliver the low-gain drive, mid-forward voicing and subtle clean signals that made the initial model quite so renowned.


With that being said, the new design is set to stand apart from the TS808 as it employs a host of new enhancements, set to overcome what is considered to be shortcomings of the Tube Screamer.

Introducing a new Adapt switch into the new design, the Halcyon Green eliminates the “all or nothing” nature of the classic pedal, which often meant that full, vigorous tones became lost when users dialled back the volume or played more softly.

This is achieved as the brand’s new adaptive circuitry allows the pedal to adapt its voicing in response to both volume changes and pick attack – delivering the classic TS808 tone, but still able to showcase the full spectrum of clean tones as the volume is rolled back.

Self-proclaimed as having created “possibly the most dynamic and interactive overdrive out there”, Origin Effects gives users a greater level of control over the sound of the pedal: embedding two Adapt settings, a Dry level control for adjusting clean signals and a range of different voicings.

These voicings allow players to exert full control over their sound, easily accessing the classic Tube Screamer mid hump, accentuating those intense high-gain tones or even creating a more focused presence peak.


Aspiring to be a refreshed version of the iconic design rather than another mere clone, the Halcyon Green Overdrive is said to be far less reliant on amp tone than other units currently available, giving users more control over their sound and opening up a whole new world of playability.

The Origin Effects Halcyon Green Overdrive is available now for £239. Find out more about the pedal on Origin Effects’ website.