Roland’s BTM-1 is a Bluetooth speaker and guitar amplifier rolled into one

A convenient way to rock.

Roland has announced the BTM-1, a battery-operated Bluetooth speaker that doubles up as a guitar amplifier.

According to Roland, the BTM-1 features “advanced cabinet design and custom speakers” and “delivers an organic, well-balanced sound experience”. What has piqued our interest, however, is that the speaker has a 1/4-inch input for a guitar.

Furthermore, BTM-1 has a dedicated guitar channel that offers gain, tone and level controls along with an FX button, which you can engage for a short delay. You can also hit the FX button together with either of the volume up or down buttons to change from high to low gain mode.


Otherwise, the speaker features standard I/O options including an aux input, a headphone out and a USB micro-B charging port.

Price TBA. More info at