Squier unveils new limited-edition colourways for FSR Paranormal Cabronita Telecasters

Adding to the dual-P90 range first seen in 2020.

In recent years, it seems as though baritone guitars are no longer classed as the niche piece of gear they once were. Now, with Squier announcing two brand new finishes on its FSR Paranormal Cabronita range of Telecasters, what better excuse is there to invest in a new axe?

Limited-edition and exclusive to Andertons, the quirky and highly-affordable model now comes in two previously-unseen colourways: Olive Green and Oxblood. Not only easy on the eye, the new finishes also come donning a pair of Alnico Soapbar pickups and are pre-tuned down to B Standard.

The 27” scale length proves ideal for capturing a wider range of sounds and is great for unorthodox, atmospheric tunings– allowing the instrument to achieve a range of different tunings while retaining adequate string tension.


In addition to the assortment of tones that can be reached through the design, the latest models also prioritise comfortable playing. Beneath the new finishes, the poplar body and “C”-shaped neck keep the guitar lightweight and provide an even sound, meanwhile the narrow, tall frets offer a controllable feel, designed to make accurate wide vibrato and perfect-pitch bends more accessible.

Although the Olive Green design, equipt with a black anodized pickguard, is currently exclusive to Andertons, guitarists outside of the UK will be pleased to know that the Oxblood version is available at Sweetwater in the US, alongside the previous colourways.

Both models are currently priced at £399. Find out more about the new FSR Paranormal Cabronita Squiers on Anderton’s website.