Sweetwater builds 319-strong pedalboard, sets Guinness World Record

YouTube star Rob Scallon and a host of pedal gurus were present at the event.

Sweetwater wrote itself into the Guinness World Records on 9 July by assembling the world’s largest guitar effect pedalboard. The online gear retailer managed to fit a whopping 319 effects pedals onto 34 individual pedalboards before running the signal into a massive Marshall stack.

The idea for the monster rig was pitched to Sweetwater by YouTube guitar personality Rob Scallon, who was on hand to demo the record-setting pedalboard at Fort Worth’s Clyde Theatre. Also part of the viewing party were industry stalwarts – such as Robert Keeley, Brian Wampler and Josh Scott – as well as Rush legend Alex Lifeson.

A video uploaded by Sweetwater documents the incredible feat of constructing the mammoth pedalboard. There was a list of rules to adhere to as well, with the Sweetwater team ensuring that there were neither duplicate pedals nor switching systems, and that all the pedals were sourced from recognised manufacturers.

The 319-unit pedalboard far outstrips the previous record – set in 2008 – of just 142 pedals. There are more mind-boggling stats that accompany Sweetwater’s ’board, including its valuation of $90,000, 1,248 knobs, 34 power supplies and overall length of 70 inches.

Watch Sweetwater’s amazing feat above.

Read more about Sweetwater’s road to this Guinness World Record here


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