NAMM 2019 Video: Victory’s V140 Deluxe

Based on the V40, but with 100 watts of high headroom.

Victory has introduced V140 The Super Duchess, a single-channel, 100-watt, all-valve amp that builds on the brand’s V40 Deluxe.

This amp differs from its smaller cousin in three aspects: tube configuration, reverb components and midrange EQ options.

The V140 features a pair of 6L6 power tubes that cater for a larger headroom and big, clean tones. Where the smaller V40 features a short-tank reverb, the V140 has a long-tank, valve-driven spring reverb that’s responsible for a large and deep reverb effect.


The Super Duchess does, however, share the same valve-driven tremolo effect as the V40. Both the reverb and tremolo effects are footswitchable.

The V40’s two-position Mid Kick switch has also been modified to a three-position version on the V140, which allows you to inject more upper-midrange focus and cut into your tone. Elsewhere, the new amp features two voicing options: Voice I and II. The former produces a mid-’60s-type American EQ response, while the latter has nuanced, stronger mids that cater for more punch and drive.

As a final touch, the amp comes with an attenuator switch that toggles between 100 watts and 30 watts. Watch our demo above to learn more.

Retails at £1,549. More information at