The Vigier Nautilus returns for 2020

The unique switching system is now available on the brand’s Excalibur models.

Image: Vigier Guitars

Vigier has revamped its pickup switching system found in its 1983 model, the Nautilus. It returns as Nautilus II, offering versatile pickup switching and tone-setting.

The guitar itself offers eight pickup configurations: HSH, HSS, HH, HS, SSS, SS, SH and SSH.

Besides allowing you to change switch pickup configuration, the Nautilus II also accepts MIDI commands. This means you can store and recall the configuration of your pickup selection, volume and tone pots at the push of the button. The standard physical switches and knobs will override this, allowing for more traditional use in a pinch. The system itself only affects the switching, and doesn’t play into the actual voices of the pickups.

The Nautilus II is available on all Excalibur HSH passive models with pickguards, all of which feature bolt-on maple necks with either rosewood or maple fingerboards, a zero fret, a 25.6″ Scale length, and an alder body.

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