Walrus Audio marries distortion and reverb on the Melee: Wall Of Noise

Massive sounds.

Walrus Audio Melee

Image: Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio brings together distortion and reverb in a potent combination pedal that is the Melee Wall Of Noise.

This could be one for shoegazers, drone metal players and – with the right settings – gospel guitarists as well.

Melee offers three reverb programs – ambient reverb, octave down reverb, and reverse reverb with feedback – which can be engaged simultaneously, either before or after the distortion circuit.

  • Ambient Reverb (Pink LED): Massive reverb with long trails that’s “great for soaring melodic lines or shoegaze-driven chord progressions.”
  • Octave Down Reverb (Yellow LED): Operating in a way similar to the Dark mode of Walrus Audio’s Slö, “you’ll find an eerie lower octave hovering in the reverb trail for a nice and dark atmospheric touch.”
  • Reverse Reverb with Feedback (Blue LED): A reversed trail makes it back to your signal for you to “create gentle melodies or push into reverse feedback overload. Big, slow, and sad chords love to hang out here.”

The joystick offers a hands-on approach to shaping your sound: move it left and right to adjust the wet-dry mix and alter the amount of distortion by shifting it up and down. You can add modulation – none, slight and high amounts – to the wet signal by holding down the bypass switch and turning the decay toggle switch.

Holy Fawn shows off Melee’s capabilities in the video below:

The Walrus Audio Melee Wall Of Noise is available at $299 now.


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