Weezer unveils a black Fender Strat to promote Black album

The one-off instrument is yours if you win a sweepstake.

To promote their recently launched Black album, Weezer are giving away a custom Black Album Fender Stratocaster.

Information about the limited-edition axe is scant at press time, but according to Black Metal Hub, the promotional website for Black, there is only one instrument up for grabs.

Only a single image of the Strat is available and from what we can make out – besides its blacked-out aesthetic – it has a couple of Seymour Duncan humbuckers and a single volume control knob. It also has a hardtail string-through-body bridge, with a couple of Weezer-themed design touches like a “W” insignia.


Find out how you can throw your hat in the ring for the sweepstake on Black Metal Hub.

More information at weezer.com.