Hotone unleashes portable floor-based amp, the Loudster

You don’t need to lug an amp head around.

Hotone Loudster

Hotone has unveiled the Loudster, a floor-based power amplifier that’s compact, affordable and easy to use.

The latest addition to the Nano Legacy Series is perfect for the traveling guitarist. It provides a beefy 75 watts of power and, Hotone claims, a “huge, natural tone.” Simply throw this at the end of your signal chain, plug it into a cab, and you’re ready to rock ’n’ roll. You’ll still probably want a preamp or an amp modeler to mold your tone, though.

The Loudster’s uncomplicated, sleek design is another highlight. You only have an output “Volume” knob to mess around with.

Retails for $199.99. More information at


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