Days after everything was removed, Gibson’s YouTube channel is back

The guitar giant’s channel was emptied out a few days ago.

Gibson has been no stranger to controversy this year. Some time after the online storm surrounding the Play Authentic video, and the confusing footage of hundreds of Firebird Xs being run over, Gibson’s YouTube channel was found cleared of all its videos.

Spurred by the momentum of previous controversy, speculation immediately began. A rumour linked the pulled videos to the firing of Director of Brand Experience, Mark Agnesi, or something worse stirring within the company.

It seems, however, guitar fans needn’t have worried. The channel is back in full form, with new videos coming out and the archive restored.


In this case, at least, it seems it’s business as usual for Gibson. There are numerous mundane reasons the channel might have been made private for a while, but given the restoration of all the old videos on the channel, it looks like we aren’t in for a complete overhaul of Gibson’s communications anytime soon.

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