Macca on whether McCartney III will be his last album: “When we did Abbey Road I was dead, so everything else is a bonus”

Like with McCartney I and III, sudden free time on the former Beatles' hands led to the new record.

Mike Shinoda: rock and metal were “too white” before nu-metal

He also cited hair metal as a particular genre lacking in diversity.

Julien Baker announces third studio album, Little Oblivions

She’s also released its first single, Faith Healer.

Peavey brings back the HP-2 in the wake of Eddie Van Halen’s death

The brand described the instrument as having “renewed vintage appeal.”

Customised Fender guitars to be auctioned off in support of The Big Issue

A number of artists have contributed to the project, which launches on 4 November

The Wire’s Wendell Pierce to play BB King in controversial biopic

“I promised BB King before he died, I will honour him and his creative genius. An American Icon.”