Slim, simple and straightforward, Keeley Electronics’ new Omni Reverb takes the fuss out of dialing in different reverb settings—there are only two controls and a switch to contend with.

You first have to flick the switch select between modes. Room is based on the echoes of a small living room, Spring is Keeley’s stompbox take on an outboard reverb, and Plate is a smooth reverb that’s inspired by the classic EMT-140. Everything’s already EQ-ed for the guitar, according to Keeley.

The “Dwell” knob is next: On the room mode, it controls the length of trails to create the illusion of a small or large space; on the spring mode, it adjusts the length of springs; and on the plate mode, the knob affects the dampening of the plate. And the Level dial simply controls the unit’s output.

The Omni Reverb retails for $129. For more information, check out