Meris launches the Enzo, the Ferrari of synth pedals

Lose yourself in this multi-instrument synthesizer stompbox.

meris enzo

Meris has pulled the curtains off the Enzo, a synth stompbox that has more voices than Billy West. Here’s a quick rundown of the pedal’s feature set.

This new pedal’s calling card is its synth modes: mono, poly and arpeggiated synth. They can take you from mono synth leads, to intricate polyphonic chords, to multi-note sequenced arpeggios. The brand said you’ll lose (or find) yourself while using this stompbox. We’re inclined to agree.

The three modes are a gateway into the pedal’s technicolor synth world, with six analog-style filters, two envelopes (triggered and envelope follower), ring modulation and more at your disposal.

Where controls are concerned, the pedal sports six knobs: “Pitch,” “Filter,” “Mix,” “Sustain,” “Filter Envelope” and “Modulation.” For such a powerful pedal, they’re fairly straightforward. However, a few of these knobs have alternate functions when the “Alt” button is engaged.

The “Pitch” knob doubles up as a portamento, allowing you to effortlessly glide between synth notes. The “Filter” knob gives you access to the six filter types. “Mix” allows you to manage delay levels, and “Sustain” governs a classic ring modulator. There’s also the “Filter Envelope” to tweak filter bandwidth, and finally, “Modulation” to set delay feedback.

This is definitely a lot to process all at once, but Meris has released a video to shed some light on its left-field pedal.

Check it out here:

Lists for $299. More information at


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