Dandy Warhols drop four-hour LP, Tafelmuzik Means More When You’re Alone

Paying homage to the baroque stylings of Tafelmusik.

The Dandy Warhols have surprised fans with the release of a new four-hour long LP, Tafelmuzik Means More When You’re Alone. A statement from the band’s management reports that recording of the album began after the completion of 2005’s Odditorium or Warlords Of Mars.

Take a listen to the track Have A Smoke, It Could Be Your Last below.


“It started out with me pushing everyone to play different instruments,” explained guitarist Peter Holmström. “I ran a drum machine through some effects and then we just fucked around. Courtney and I had keyboards of some kind and Brent was playing bass and Zia was playing the Farfisa.” Guitar.com recently spoke with Holmström on his affinity for abstruse effects.

The four-hour long experimental voyage sees the band pay tribute to the stylings of Tafelmusik (German for Table Music) – a musical style which was often performed during banquets during the 16th Century.

The band themselves started employing Tafelmusik during their meals, as vocalist/guitarist Courtney Taylor-Taylor says, “at some point during one of our dinners, we noticed that the emotionally buoyant nature and ambiguity of it was perfect. We began organising it for long multiple-course meals”.

The Dandy Warhols were set to embark on an East Coast tour of the US this month, though those plans have since been cancelled due to COVID-19.

On this latest latest release, keyboardist Zia McCabe remarks, “it’s not a cure for COVID-19, but it could help cure the boredom of being stuck inside” adding that, “its light-hearted nature could lift the spirits of people while they organise their own drawers and cabinets.”

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