David Crosby is back on why Phoebe Bridgers’ SNL guitar smash was silly: “If Hendrix can’t do it, she can’t do it”

“Her music is actually pretty good, but breaking the guitar up is just stupid.”

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Singer-songwriters David Crosby and Phoebe Bridgers got into an online tiff last year when the latter smashed her guitar during her appearance on SNL. In a recent interview Crosby doubled-down on why he thought the display was “silly” to him.

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Crosby was speaking to students from Golden High School in Colorado in an hour-long interview (9 May) when he was asked whether he called out Phoebe Bridgers because of a passage in his book he wrote about saving his guitar during an earthquake.

“No, I called out Phoebe Bridgers because it was silly,” Crosby responded. “She was doing something silly. She’s trying to be authentic and cool and do something that would be chilling.”

He added: “It’s just show business for the sake of show business and it has nothing to do with the song. It wasn’t communicating anything worthwhile…I don’t think it was smart when Hendrix did it, and if he can’t do it, she can’t do it.”

Despite his disapproval of Bridgers’ ritualistic sacrifice of her Danelectro baritone, Crosby had kinder words to say about the singer-songwriter’s work.

“Her music is actually pretty good, but breaking the guitar up is just stupid,” he said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Crosby spoke about the “absurd rate” he was putting out new albums, saying the reason was because he believed he was going to be dead soon.

“I want to crank out all the music I possibly can before I do. Now I’m 80 years old so I’m gonna die fairly soon. That’s how that works. And so I’m trying really hard to crank out as much music as I possibly can, as long as it’s really good…I have another one already in the can waiting.”


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