Wolfgang Van Halen says David Lee Roth is the one stopping Van Halen’s final album from appearing on streaming sites

“He doesn’t like it.”

Wolfgang Van Halen and David Lee Roth

Image: Michael Buckner / Bennett Raglin / Getty Images

Wolfgang Van Halen has named David Lee Roth as the reason Van Halen’s final album A Different Kind of Truth is not available on streaming sites.

Appearing on a recent episode of SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk, Wolfgang shares that the band’s 2012 album – the only Van Halen record he’s played on – does not appear on streaming platforms because of “some people involved” who “do not like that record”.

“The contract ran out on putting it up on streaming services,” Wolfgang said [via Blabbermouth]. “So we’ve been working on getting it back, but there are some people involved who do not like that record and are not making it easy to get it back up.”

Asked if these “people” who are making things difficult “were involved in the record,” Wolfgang confirmed: “Yeah.”

And when host Eddie Trunk prompted, “Might that person commonly be known by three initials?”, apparently referring to Van Halen vocalist David Lee Roth, Wolfgang replied: “Probably. I mean, yeah, you can put it together.”

“I hate to say it, because people will think I’m making stuff up, but it’s, like, man, I’d love to have the record back up there, but he doesn’t like it and he’s not working with us to get it back up there. So I hope people who like it have a physical version of it. [Laughs]”

In other news, Wolfgang Van Halen recently opened up about joining Van Halen as a teenager, saying there were “a lot of positives and negatives” to playing with his father’s band at such a young age.

“I think it really forced me to mature very quickly at a young age,” the bassist said on the Everblack podcast. “I think at 15, I couldn’t be a regular 15-year-old. So in a certain way, I couldn’t be a regular teenager anymore once that happened, and I experienced a lot of stuff, I think, that most kids that age wouldn’t really normally experience.”


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