Dee Snider says “Hell yeah” to use of We’re Not Gonna Take It in anti-assault weapons campaign

“Assault weapons are for people who can’t aim.”

Dee Snider of Twisted Sister

Image: Gary Wolstenholme / Getty Images

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider has greenlit the use of the band’s 80s single We’re Not Gonna Take It as the anthem for an anti-assault weapons campaign.

A fan recently took to Twitter to seek permission from Snider directly, asking “Dee, if we organize and demand an assault weapons ban, may we use your anthem?”

To which the singer gave a spirited reply, writing “I am a gun owner… that said, HELL YEAH YOU CAN USE ‘WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT’ AS YOUR ANTHEM!”

“Assault weapons were never meant for anything but combat!” Snider continued.

Elsewhere in the discussion about gun control, Dee also declared that “Assault weapons are for people who can’t aim”.

Released in 1984, We’re Not Gonna Take has frequently been co-opted for various causes and campaigns — political or otherwise — over the years, though Snider hasn’t always approved of its use.

Last year, the rocker expressed his displeasure at right-wing supporters and politicians campaigning with the song, stating, “ATTENTION QANON, MAGAT FASCISTS: Every time you sing “We’re Not Gonna Take It” remember it was written by a cross-dressing, libtard, tree hugging half-Jew who HATES everything you stand for. It was you and people like you that inspired every angry word of that song! SO FUCK OFF!”

In other news, Snider recently argued that “writers and journalists” are the reason metal is underappreciated as a genre.

“Journalists tend to trivialise music, want to nickname it, and then dismiss it as being a fad. It happened with blues, jazz, grunge, heavy metal, punk, and more,” he declared.


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