Foo Fighters unveil archival series, release surprise live EP

The rockers also launched a web page to collect fan stories.

Foo Fighters have offered a glimpse into their archives with Foo Files, a series that features unreleased tracks, various rarities as well audio of live performances. To kick off the series, the band has released an EP titled 00950025, which fans believe is a reference to the Foos’ 1995 debut album.

The EP contains three live tracks: For All The Cows, Wattershed and Next Year. The former two were recorded at the Foos’ headlining set at Reading Festival in 1995, while the latter was tracked at a 2000 Melbourne gig. The band announced the EP in a tweet, which also hints at more of such releases in the future.

Besides 00950025, Foo Fighters also launched a new webpage titled Tell Us Your Foo Fighters Story. This page allows fans to submit their favourite memories of the band, as well as share direct messages to the members themselves


Listen to 00950025 below:

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