“As long as your schmeckle works, you feel immortal”: Gene Simmons on feeling great as Kiss say farewell

“Listen. Men are idiots. There isn’t enough blood to power two heads at once.”

Bassist Gene Simmons has reflected on the longevity of Kiss as their End Of The Road tour nears its close, and those comments he once made about sleeping with over 4,000 women during their music career.

Simmons, 74, claims that despite the sometimes gruelling implications of being on the road for many years, he feels “immortal” as long as his “schmeckle works.” Yes, that is slang for penis.

Kiss will continue to perform at a range of live dates through October to early December. The tour is said to be their last ever time on the road.

Throughout Kiss’s history, Simmons has never been one to shy away from the topic of sex, and in a new interview with The Guardian, he addressed his former claim that he had slept with thousands of women.

“Listen. Men are idiots,” he begins. “There isn’t enough blood to power two heads at once, so a lot of really stupid decisions can get made when that little head takes over.”

He continues,“When you’re a woman and you see a man, and he’s big and he’s got a hairy chest and he’s good-looking, and you see that, what you’re seeing is a mirage. That’s actually a 14-year-old horny kid. Just still young, dumb and full of cum. We can’t even think straight when we see you. I don’t say this as a defence, because I stand guilty as charged of everything.”

He later spoke of his happy marriage to Shannon Tweed, the pair have been together for 40 years and have two children, and stated that despite the fact his days on the road with the band are soon to come to an end, “As long as your schmeckle works, you feel immortal.”

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