No, this isn’t the newest member of Slipknot – it’s just a guy that fitted a real engine onto his guitar

This might be the gnarliest guitar mod of all time.

Mattias Krantz

Credit: Mattias Krantz/YouTube

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For most guitarists, a regular old six-string electric guitar does the job. But for some, it’s not enough, and they must embark on ambitious, and sometimes dangerous modification missions to create the instrument they really desire. And YouTuber Mattias Krantz sits firmly in the latter camp.

In his latest video, Krantz, who boasts well over one million subscribers on the platform, takes his Ferrari Red-finished Jackson King V, and installs a real four-stroke petrol engine on it to give it more power. Because why not.

But while we get to see the results of the project in a simple 16-minute video, Krantz admits it took him “weeks” to figure out how to do it.

As he explains, his first idea was to put an engine inside his Fender practice amp. “It would make things super easy and practical,” he says, “except for one little detail: it’s fucking lame. It has to sit on the guitar, otherwise there’s no point in doing this project.”

After experimenting with a series of gas-powered engines, and following a respectable stint of trial and error, Krantz conceives a guitar engine design that does the business.

It does mean a massive exhaust pipe is visible on the front of the guitar, but you know, those fumes have gotta go somewhere… Oh, and he also installs a clip-on seatbelt guitar strap, in case he needs to quickly discard the guitar in the event of an emergency.

Finally satisfied with his creation, Krantz takes his guitar to a field to play a series of guitar classics, including AC/DC’s Highway to Hell and, aptly, Mason Williams’ Classical Gas. Shortly thereafter, he heads to the gas station to top his instrument up with some good old unleaded.

Watch the full video here:

To see more from Mattias Krantz, head to his official YouTube channel.

This is far from the first wild guitar project posted to YouTube. Earlier this year, guitarists from a host of popular YouTube channels were sent to an isolated island in the northern region of Palawan, and left with an abundance of gear that they had to test out.

Named G.A.S.TAWAY – 42 Gear Island, the event was organised by 42 Gear Street.

YouTube personalities who took part in the documented reality series included Carlos Ascensio (Guitarraviva), Tom James (Elevated Jam Tracks), Andy Ferris (The Guitar Geek) and Glenn Fricker.

The event was sponsored by brands such as Yamaha, Sennheiser, Walrus Audio and Sweetwater.

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