Watch: Jason Isbell recreates the ‘Greeny’ tone with the Automotone

The famously hard-to-get ‘quack’ is a pretty unique sound, particular to Green’s own Les Paul.

Jason Isbell

Image: Alysse Gafkjen Live: multi-Grammy winning guitar superstar Jason Isbell invited us into his rehearsal barn in Nashville to get up close and personal with some of the highlights of his guitar collection. These included Redeye, his 1959 Gibson Les Paul. Thanks to some amps and pedals, Isbell demonstrated exactly why these guitars have become the iconic bedrock of so many of his records – and so sought after by so many.

One great moment came when Isbell utilised the Chase Bliss Automotone drive/preamp/fuzz to achieve the out-of-phase sound Peter Green was known for, thanks to his out-of-phase pickups. Take a look above, with that particular moment coming in at just over seven minutes in. It does, of course, utilise the middle position, with a particular ‘filtered’ sound being achieved by the Automatone.

Isbell’s guitar collection features some true vintage beauties, so take a look at the full video above.

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