“I’ve never even come close to thinking of wrapping up the Rolling Stones’ story”: Keith Richards on whether Hackney Diamonds will be the final Stones album

“Making music is still quite exciting for me.”

Keith Richards

Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. Credit: David Wolff Patrick/Getty

Keith Richards has responded to the idea that Hackney Diamonds could be the Rolling Stones‘ final album.

The rock ‘n’ roll legends released their first studio album in 18 years – the follow-up to 2005’s A Bigger Bang – today (20th October). It’s their first record since the death of drummer Charlie Watts in 2021, though he does appear on two of its songs.

Richards speaks to Guitar Player in a new interview about the album, during which he’s asked about the cover of Muddy Waters’ Rollin’ Stone that appears as the final track under the name Rolling Stone Blues, saying that it could be “a perfect way to end your recording legacy”.

The guitarist refuted the idea that it signalled any kind of ending to the band’s career, explaining: “I’ve never even come close to thinking of wrapping up the Rolling Stones’ story, so my answer to that is ‘Absolutely not’. It was just a cool way of wrapping up the album and the story so far. We plan to keep on working. I know we’re  going to work next year.”

He continues: “Making music is still quite exciting for me. I hadn’t realised how long it was since our last album, I think eight years ago or something. It’s funny how time flies, man, but I’m enjoying the process of releasing a new record and seeing what happens.”

Indeed, Mick Jagger told  The New York Times that he didn’t think Hackney Diamonds will be “the last Rolling Stones album” and went on to confirm that a follow-up is currently in the works – “We’ve got almost three-quarters through the next one,” he said in the interview – backing up Richards’ point about the band “going to work” next year.

In other news, Keith Richards recently explained why Jeff Beck never joined the Rolling Stones, despite auditioning in the ’70s.

“We felt that Jeff had his own furrow to plow and that he was not a team man,” he said. “He was a soloist to the max. He was such an individualist. It wouldn’t have worked with the Stones at all. We’re all about teamwork.”

Hackney Diamonds is out now.


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