Paul Stanley: “Jimmy Page, to me, is the consummate guitarist. He’s Beethoven.”

“He’s not rock or metal; he’s true world music that encompasses so much.”

Paul Stanley has sung the praises of Jimmy Page in a new interview, even going as far to compare the Led Zeppelin guitarist to Beethoven.

The Kiss rhythm guitarist was speaking to Guitar World about the guitarists who have shaped his sound and pointed towards players like Pete Townshend, Malcolm Young and Jimi Hendrix as influences on his playing style.

However, it was arguably the Led Zeppelin shredder who he has the most praise for. “Jimmy Page, to me, is the consummate guitarist. He’s Beethoven. He paints with music in a way that’s just so stellar,” he says.

“And I know there’s a lot of British guitar players that we talk about where people say, ‘Who is better, this guy, or that guy?’ Well, I’ll tell you this – there’s only been one of those players who has been able to spread and work outside of the idea of what he was initially defined as, and that’s Jimmy.

“He’s not rock or metal; he’s true world music that encompasses so much. His love of music is palpable; he’s an amazing showman and a consummate all-around lead and rhythm guitar player.”

Elsewhere, Stanley sheds light on how he wanted KISS to sound guitar-wise from the outset.

“I always wanted the band to have a sound that I’ve often referred to as, ‘One big guitar,’” he explains. “In other words, it would be two guitar players, who together would make a singular sound through different yet congruent voicings.

“I saw bands like The Who and Humble Pie, and they inspired me. Those were guitar-propelled bands and were forces to be reckoned with. But it was the rhythm guitar that, when done properly, wasn’t a knock on somebody who wasn’t a lead guitarist, but the work of a person comfortable with the idea of working to be proficient at that specific skill.”

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