Led Zeppelin

Learn To Play… Stairway To Heaven Solo

Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page Les Paul
Learn to play the solo to Led Zeppelin's iconic 'Stairway To Heaven' with the help of Ollie from Your Guitar Academy.

Learn To Play… Stairway To Heaven Intro

Led Zeppelin Robert Plant
Learn to play the introduction to Led Zeppelin's iconic 'Stairway To Heaven.'

Fender announces reissue of Jimmy Page’s iconic ‘Dragon’ Telecaster

Jimmy Page Fender
Fender is collaborating with Jimmy Page to recreate his famous 1959 Fender Telecaster, 50 years after Led Zeppelin formed in October 1968.

Five reasons to listen to music you don’t like

Vinyl records old
Keeping an open ear and mind can be more valuable than chugging out the same riffs for hours on end.

John Paul Jones—Beyond Led Zeppelin

This interview was originally published in 2010. Too many 60's rock icons lost their vision somewhere along the path of excess and failed to arrive at the palace of wisdom. These players, though classic in their own time, have failed to adapt and grow, and still sound the same today as they did in their prime. How different does Keith...