Mikkey Dee: “I will never be a part of trying to put Motörhead as a band out there again with some other f**king idiot taking Lemmy’s place”

Tributes are welcome, but don’t hold your breath for a reunion, says the drummer.

Motörhead will not be getting back together without Lemmy – not now, not ever – says drummer Mikkey Dee.

In a new interview with Chaoszine, Dee makes it clear that while the band has no intention of replacing their late singer, they are open to tributes to Lemmy Kilmister.

“I said, ‘We will never, ever get back together and replace Lemmy. That’s impossible,’” Dee reiterates, clarifying that he’s never said no to performing the band’s songs again in the future.

“But I will never be a part of trying to put Motörhead as a band out there again with some other fucking idiot supposed to take Lemmy’s place. So that’s all I said,” he adds. “But to do [Mikkey Dee with Friends] – fantastic. And, of course, we’d like to plan something bigger than this in the future, hopefully.”

Asked if he sees himself playing Motörhead songs alongside Phil Campbell, Dee replies: “I mean, me and Phil wrote great music, but he’s fully involved with his boys [in the solo project Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons]”

“And I’m fully involved with Scorpions. We’re touring a lot. Not right now, obviously, but we’re on the road all the time with the Scorps. So I don’t say no; there’s always possibilities.”

In related news, Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan recently spoke about how the late Motörhead leader had played an instrumental part in shaping his sound, saying: “Lemmy’s bass playing reminded me that you can still be punk as fuck on bass.”

“It’s so important to hit your notes, and that guy was so fucking good at doing that. His sound was massive; it sounded like it was just a mess of bass, but he was fucking hitting all the notes.”

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