Nine-year-old guitarist Maya Neelakantan nails epic cover of Tool’s 7empest

The 15-minute prog metal epic is no easy feat.

Nine-year-old Maya Neelakantan is the definition of dedication meets talent in her latest cover: Tool’s 15-minute guitar epic, 7empest.

“A couple of weeks ago it was my birthday and I just turned nine years old and as my present, I got this awesome new Les Paul guitar,” Neelakantan shares in the video’s intro. “This is my most favourite song and this is the hardest song I’ve ever played and this is the first song I’m playing with my new guitar, so I’ve been just very excited to show it to you.”


In the video’s description, the young player expands on her choice of song, writing: “This is a really long and hard song and it’s my favourite of all Tool songs. It was an incredible journey for me when learning the entire 16 minutes of mind blowing melodies and solos! I feel Adam Jones, my favourite guitarist, really shines throughout the song. I hope you all enjoy it!”

And the viewers certainly have, if the comments on the video are anything to go by. After a jaw-dropping 16 minutes of slayage, Neelakantan went on to talk about her love for Tool guitarist Adam Jones, calling the song his “masterpiece”.

“He just went and did anything he wants cause there’s solo after solo after solo and then in the intro bit and then after the intro bit, the intro bit just goes for so long,” she explains. “The solo is like three minutes of the song already, and after that he turns on the wah pedal, he’ll keep on the wah pedal, but he won’t actually use it. Those things just taught me so much and I love how Adam Jones did it all… I feel like this is his masterpiece.”

Indeed, 7empest is no mean feat even for Tool covers bands, so Neelakantan’s performance is mind-blowing to say the least. For those curious about the young master’s weapon of choice, Neelakantan appears to be playing an Epiphone Les Paul Modern Figured in Caribbean Blue Fade.

Head to her YouTube channel for more amazing guitar covers.