Friday, August 23, 2019

Tag: Metal

Lost Lemmy country duet, The Mask, is rediscovered

A lost Country duet from legendary Motorhead bassist and frontman Lemmy Kilminster has resurfaced.

Sunn O)))’s Life Pedal returns in a new gold enclosure

Original collaboration with EQD sold out within hours.

Slipknot are plotting the release of outtakes from All Hope Is...

Shawn Crahan revealed that 11 leftover tracks might drop soon.

Balaguer Guitars’ Espada T-Bar is an evolved offset baritone axe

A signature model for The Word Alive’s Tony Pizzuti.

Metallica upload footage of Doodles, a mid-show treat captured at recent...

Features Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo covering songs from other artists.

Tool’s Fear Inoculum makes history on Billboard’s Hot 100

Title track from new album is the longest-ever song to chart.

Ernie Ball Music Man reveals August’s Ball Family Reserve line-up

The Bongo, Majesty and Valentine receive limited-edition makeovers.

Tool drop first new song in 13 years

It’s the title track of their upcoming record, Fear Inoculum.

Slipknot wreak havoc with new song, Birth Of The Cruel

Guitar pyrotechnics, industrial drumming and tortured vocals.

Tool unveil ‘playable’ album artwork for Fear Inoculum

Moving psychedelic short is a teaser for what’s to come.

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