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RockBoard updates its pedalboards for 2018

RockBoard updates its pedalboards for 2018
The Cinque 5.4 with flight case

RockBoard has given its pedalboards a fresh makeover. All the seven models in the new 2018 line feature upgrades to their construction, usability and versatility.

The models are: Duo 2.1; Tres 3.1; Quad 4.1 and 4.2; and Cinque 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4. Their sizes range from about 18 to 40 inches in width. Each model is lightweight yet durable, constructed from a single sheet of cold-rolled aluminum with U-shaped support braces. Slots on the boards ensure neatness with your patch cables, and there’s a section under the frames to secure your power supply.

All pedalboards, save the Duo 2.1, are also compatible with RockBoard’s MOD patchbay, which acts as a central access point to your effects setup.

Watch the video to learn more:

The RockBoard pedals list from EUR 58 to 411. For more information, check out rockboard.de.

The Duo 2.1 with gig bag
The Quad 4.2 with gig bag