Songbird FX Birdcord
Power your pedals with... a laptop?

When it comes to pedal power, “bird” may indeed be the word. The latest creation by Songbird FX is a USB-to-nine volt converter cable that lets you use your typical phone power bank to supply juice to your pedals.

The Birdcord is an elegant solution to an old problem: a reliance on those pink bunnies. It’s simple: this gadget converts the five-volt charge from a USB port into a nine-volt one for your stompboxes. You can even use your iPhone charger and computer to power your pedals.

While plugged into the Birdcord, your stompboxes behave as if they were run by batteries. This means no noise in your signal chain. Oh, and this cord provides up to 850mA of power, so check your pedals to see how much current they draw.

Watch the demo below:

The Birdcord lists for EUR 15. For more information, check out