Monday, August 19, 2019


Metallica release official footage of Seek & Destroy at Dreamfest benefit

Metallica Helping Hands
The metal legends are in fine form on this Kill 'Em All classic.

Watch: Metallica deliver an acoustic rendition of “Disposable Heroes”

James Hetfield Metallica Disposable Heroes Helping Hands
Kirk Hammett solos on a 12-string acoustic.

Metallica announce ‘Helping Hands’ vinyl album for charity

Metallica Helping Hands
Featuring live acoustic recordings taken from the band’s benefit concert.

ESP announces the James Hetfield Signature LTD Snakebyte SE Baritone

ESP James Hetfield Signature
It’s a replica of the Metallica frontman’s current axe.

Five guitarists on fame and their road to it

Five guitarists on road to fame
The journey to becoming a famous musician is long and winding, but reaching that point also has its perks and pitfalls, say these five guitarists.

Five bass legends on laying down the low-end

Matthew Garrison Stu Hamm Billy Sheehan Jason Newsted Stanley Clarke
Billy Sheehan, Jason Newsted and Stanley Clarke, among others, share their thoughts on playing in the pocket.

Five reasons to listen to music you don’t like

Vinyl records old
Keeping an open ear and mind can be more valuable than chugging out the same riffs for hours on end.

Kirk Hammett has a new EMG signature pickup set

EMG Kirk Hammett Bone Breaker pickups
The Kirk Hammett Bone Breaker humbuckers mark a shift in the Metallica guitarist’s tone aspirations.

Metallica Jason Newsted Interview

This interview was originally published in 2010. By now the story of how Jason Newsted made the leap from pit to stage has become part of Metallica legend. Even after 14 years, Newsted is still genuinely respectful when he explains what a tall order it is to fill Cliff Burton's shoes. And he's proud at having earned his place in...

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