Gibson replicates Kirk Hammett’s “Greeny” ‘59 Les Paul

The one owned by Peter Green and Gary Moore.

Metallica have reworked Nothing else Matters for Disney’s Jungle Cruise

The version is a collaboration with composer James Newton Howard.

Metallica become the first act to have No. 1 Mainstream Rock songs in four different decades

After All Within My Hands from the recently released S&M2 reached No. 1.

Metallica broadcast 2017 Mexico City show for last Metallica Monday

The sun sets on the virtual concert series.

Watch Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony perform Moth Into Flame

The band’s latest preview of S&M2, due out 28 August.

Metallica to release S&M2 live album and concert film

The 'sequel' to S&M pulls together the band's 2019 concerts with the San Francisco Symphony.

Metallica get ready to release “new music from S&M2”

Featuring the band’s 2019 performances with the San Francisco Symphony.

Metallica’s All Within My Hands announces second donation of $295,000 for COVID-19 relief

MusiCare’s COVID-19 relief fund joins the foundation's list of beneficiaries.

Lars Ulrich reveals Metallica are working on new music while in lockdown

The band are reportedly in “discovery mode” with writing remotely.