Maleny Morfen

“I went from working as a cashier to opening arena gigs”: Two Feet on riding viral fame to a lasting career

In 2016, singer and guitarist Two Feet became an overnight internet smash thanks to his song, Go Fuck Yourself, but how do you stay fresh and relevant once the hype has died down?

“My rudimentary guitar knowledge has helped me write songs people can relate to”: Awolnation’s Aaron Bruno

As the electro-rockers return with new album, Angel Miners & The Lightning Riders, frontman Aaron Bruno on how he’s learned to appreciate organic sounds, and how writing the album helped him process loss.

Lamb of God’s Mark Morton breaks down 2004’s Ashes Of The Wake

As Lamb Of God reissue their seminal album Ashes Of The Wake to mark its 15th anniversary, we chat with guitarist Mark Morton to look back on a hugely important time in the metal titans’ career…