Your Board: Dave Lovallo’s LED-lit rig

Residing in Tempe, Arizona, our reader Dave Lovallo chats about his preferences for analogue pedals and a love for a certain JHS favourite.

Your Board Dave Lovallo

Hi, Dave! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am based in Tempe, Arizona and have been playing the guitar for 33 years. I play across different music styles, including rock, classic rock, metal, prog, industrial to name a few. I am also currently part of an acoustic duo called Louder Than Beautiful, and my gigging commitments are at least twice a month. In addition to these endeavours, I also give lessons and have been involved in music for advertisements.

Tell us about your pedalboard and how it has changed over the years.

My pedalboard is always evolving based on my needs at the time. I’ve found out that I’ve been increasingly swapping out most of my digital effects pedals for analogue ones. There’s such a difference in sound. I always run my signal through a clean amp. I am also currently using a Boss Katana Artist, and to be honest I could not be happier. This amp’s a great platform for pedals.

What sound/tone are you gunning for?

Sounds vary. My main sound – the one that I use most often – is a medium-overdriven amp with reverb and slight analogue delay.

What’s the one pedal you can’t live without? Why?

The JHS Andy Timmons Overdrive. It’s a beast and has a multitude of grainy sounds. This pedal is the foundation for the majority of my sound.

What do you not like about your setup?

I need more room for a switcher, and I wish I had just one power supply.

What pedalboard, power supply and cables to you prefer?

I prefer Pedaltrain for boards, Voodoo Lab for power and D’Addario (Planet Waves) for solderless patch cables.

Tell us about those LED lights below the board.

It was a very simple install and works fantastic in low light settings. It sets the mood for sure!

Which pedal(s) is/are next on your shopping list? Why?

The Dunlop mini volume, as I would love to use more swelling techniques. Another is the MXR M225 Sub Machine Octave Fuzz because you can’t have enough fuzz. The last would be the Eventide H9 – would love to have this all-in-one for an extra effect when in a pinch.

What’s your ‘holy grail’ pedal?

The Eventide H9.

Any advice for beginners who are building their first board?

Start small. Get what you can afford and work with what you have. It’s also a disease, once you start you are infected for life LOL!

What guitars do you use with the board?

A Ibanez AZ 242DET, five Ibanez RGs, three Breedlove acoustics, a Fender Strat and a Fender Tele.

What amps do you use?

My main is a Boss Katana Artist Series (v3) and the backup is a Peavey JSX 212.

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