These are the best Black Friday 2023 guitar deals at Amazon UK

Wading through the thousands of deals on Amazon UK over the Black Friday week is a thankless task – which is why we don’t ask for your thanks for picking out the best guitar deals on the retailer this Black Friday week.

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Amazon has become one of the main drivers of the explosion of Black Friday’s popularity in the UK over the last few years, and as usual there are tens of thousands of products on offer over at the retailer this Black Friday week, and thousands of them are guitar related.

As is often the way with Amazon and guitar products, however, the trick is wading through the OEM stuff that you don’t really want to find the quality bargains that you do – but don’t worry, Guitar.com is here to help! We’ve put in the hard work to bring you the best Amazon UK guitar deals this Black Friday – check them out below.

Best Amazon UK Black Friday 2023 guitar deals , at a glance:

Save 23% on the Positive Grid Spark GO

Positive Grid’s smallest smart amp yet is already a bargain even at full retail, but with nearly a quarter off the list price here there’s really no excuse to not have this one in your gigbag.

Save 15% on the Vox MV50-BM Brian May amp head

If you’re looking to capture the tone of Queen legend Sir Brian May at an aaffordable price then this NuTube-powered mini head might be just what you’re looking for.

Save 20% on the Joyo Taureen overdrive

No prizes for guessing which famous overdrive pedal this unit from Joyo’s highly thought-of R Series, and like most klones you’ll get the same three knobs as the famous Centaur and even a gold paintjob in for your money – but in a much smaller chasis.

Save 15% on Ernie Ball strings

Everyone needs strings don’t they? And you can save yourself a tidy wedge on a four-back of your favourite Ernie Ball Slinkys (other types are available) with this Black Friday deal.

Save 17% on the Positive Grid Spark Mini

This might not be quite as big a discount as the GO, but you’re getting a lot more amp for a decent saving, and you should believe the hype. With its passive radiator and dual speakers, this thing sounds huge, and is portable with it.

Save 25% on the Donner HUSH-I

If you’re looking to do some silent practice, or have a guitar that you can take on planes, trains and anwhere else, then Donner’s affordable take on the venerable Silent Guitar concept is worth a look – especially with the free clip-on tuner and in-ear headphones this package offers.

Save 22% on the Luxe by Martin Contour Guitar Pick

Martin’s Luxe range offers acoustic guitar accessories aimed at the discerning player, and this Contour pick is designed to offer the best playing, sounding and feeling acoustic pick experience out there.

Save 15% on the Yamaha F310

If you’re in the market for a good sounding and playing entry-leve acoustic that maybe looks a bit more than budget, this lovely shade-topped example might be a perfect Black Friday impulse-buy…

Save 29% on the Ibanez GRGR221PA-AQB

Time was entry-level electric guitars looked boring and played badly – this guitar from Ibanez’s well-respected GIO series is neither of those things. With a slinky fast neck, twin humbuckers and stunning aqua burst finish, it’s a guitar designed to stand out.

Save 36% on the Lava ME2

If you like the vibe (and the carbon-fibre construction) of the Lava ME3 but don’t want to get bogged down in that guitar’s ‘smart’ features then this ME2 – in a lovely shade of pink – could be your perfect new acoustic.


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