Raise the horns, lower the prices: these are the best deals from Guitar Center’s Metal Mayhem sale

Save hundreds on this chug-ready gear.

Guitar Center’s Metal Mayhem sale is here – and there’s hundreds of dollars of savings to be had on select metal-focused gear. We’ve picked out five of the best deals, so let’s dive straight into this hell-raising sale!

Save $499 on this Strandberg Boden Prog NX 7 7-String

Strandberg Boden Prog NX 7 7-String

Look, tradition is all well and good. But sometimes, you just need a multi-scale seven-string headless with a vibrato bridge and an excellent, eye-catching purple finish. This Strandberg Boden Prog NX 7 7-String is 20% off, meaning a saving of almost $500. But can you put a price on infuriating the guitar traditionalists in every audience? Debatable.

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Save $20 on this Boss MT-2 package

Boss MT-2 package

Every metal guitarist should give the forever memed-on (but criminally underrated) Boss Metal Zone a go at some point. Its reputation took a 180 as soon as people realised that scooping the midrange isn’t the only thing an active, parametric EQ can do. This combo pack is $20 off, down to $119 – and that includes two high-quality patch cables so it’ll slot right onto your ‘board.

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Save $150 on this Jackson X-series Dinky

Jackson X-series Dinky

This DK2XR from Jackson has had $150 shaved off its already accessible price – meaning now’s the time if you want to start that 80s shred side-project you’ve always been dreaming of. Fitted with a floating tremolo and a neck that’s about one atom thick, it’s perfect for those wanting to flaunt their lead playing.

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Save $30 on this Obsidian Series Eras

Obsidian Series Eras

With a new black-and-red makeover, the Obsidian edition of Walrus’ Eras distortion pedal looks every bit as mean as it sounds. With five discrete clipping/voice options, you’ll never be short on different sounds to pummel your amplifier and audience with.

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Save $351 on this Kemper Profiler PowerHead

Kemper Profiler

The Kemper Profiler Powerhead can really do it all – it can be used as everything from an incredibly loud regular amplifier, to a direct-to-board solution, to a multi-effects unit. And the profiling technology means you can take the sounds of other players’ collections of vintage 100-watt marshall heads on the road, without having to take out 100 grand in insurance. And right now, you can save a not-insignificant $351!

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