Build your own bass fuzz with MOD Kits DIY’s new set

Once you’re done assembling it, The Rock Bottom can go from sludge to a clean boost—and everything in-between.

For all gearheads with a taste for tinkering, MOD Kits DIY has released The Rock Bottom, a bass fuzz kit modeled after vintage units.

All you need are just hand tools and a soldering iron. The kits come with pre-drilled enclosures and all the other essential components, from potentiometers to terminal strips to resistors. MOD Kits DIY also provides step-by-step instructions that, according to the company, are pegged at an intermediate level.

MOD Kits DIY Rock Bottom inside
The Rock Bottom’s innards

The Rock Bottom stompbox itself creates a sizzling, vintage-inspired fuzz with a powerful low-end. There are only two knobs to negotiate—“Volume” and “Blend”—to dial in sparkling cleans, doom-laden low-end and all the shades in-between.


The Rock Bottom lists for $43.95. For more information, check out