Monday, February 18, 2019

Tag: Distortion

13 best overdrive pedals for guitarists

Sing the blues, send your amp into raptures or unleash hell with these OD stompboxes that will find a home on any pedalboard.

The most anticipated gear of 2019: Effects

Eight exciting new effects units to add to your pedalboard.

TWA launches MiniMorph Dynamic Waveshaper

From filthy filters to sizzling fuzz, the DynaMorph’s smaller sibling has it all.

Win! Keeley Electronics El Rey Dorado & Aria Compressor Drive worth...

One's a Brit-voiced distortion, the other's a two-in-one overdrive/compressor.

The Reverb Top Eight: Boutique drive pedals

In the market for a high-end drive pedal to make your rig sing? Here are a few of the most popular models...

NAMM 2019 Video: Rob Chapman’s new pedal brand, Snake Oil

Inspired by high-gain British amps and made in England to exacting specifications.

NAMM 2019 Video: Teisco returns with three wild new pedals

The company has reimagined a boost, fuzz and delay using high-end components and enclosures.

NAMM 2019 Video: Beetronics unleashes the Swarm

The new fuzz box buzzes with the force of a thousand bees.

NAMM 2019: Dunlop unveils new pedals, updates to existing lines

New MXR and Way Huge pedals, a Billy Gibbons-inspired fuzz box, and more.

NAMM 2019 Video: Watch Robert Keeley demo two new pedals

The man that birthed the effects boom talks us through the Fuzz Bender and the DDR.

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