MXR’s FOD Drive lets you blend two ‘legendary’ amp stacks in a single stompbox

Featuring two independent drive circuits that highly complement one another.

Review: Echoline Silicon Hi-Gain Fuzz

This independent UK maker has revamped its range of pedals to make them more board-friendly, but a small footprint doesn’t have to mean small fuzz tones.

Review: DryBell The Engine

This ‘foundation preamp’ packs both a Plexi-style overdrive and a versatile boost circuit for a full suite of 1960s British rock and blues tones.

Skreddy Pedals puts “stadium rock tones” in a pedal with the Super 100

The pedal is designed after the 100-watt Marshall Super Lead.

Review: Warm Audio Foxy Tone Box

From an American brand known for its recording equipment comes an authentically hirsute take on one of the wildest fuzz boxes of the 1970s.

Mateus Asato teams with Jackson Audio for the El Guapo Overdrive/Distortion

Featuring eight clipping options, a Baxandall-style EQ and more.

Zander Circuitry announces a special run of Cafetiere pedals, with all proceeds going to Black Lives Matter

The release is in partnership with the Facebook group Pedalboards Of Doom.

Revv launches limited-edition gold G2

Only 200 pieces will be available.

Fredric Effects announces the Blue Monarch overdrive

Its own take on a Bluesbreaker-style overdrive pedal.

Fender announces four new effects pedals

Announced online in lieu of Summer NAMM 2020.