Chase Bliss Audio’s Blooper reinvents the art of looping

Turning the art of looping into a genre of its own.

Chase Bliss Audio has revealed the Blooper, a pedal that it initially revealed back at the Winter NAMM show. The pedal that it’s designing in conjunction with the YouTube channel Knobs and 3 Degrees Audio has undergone plenty of changes and adjustments, and now the product is officially ready for release.

The Blooper has transformed from a unit that “just kind of sucked” to the incredibly intricate and interesting unit that it is today, with their Kickstarter page reaching over $216,000, far higher than their initial goal of $100,000 and still with a month left to go.

Whilst this stompbox is niche, it does have some incredibly cool features that set it apart from other loopers on the market. Features include:

  • 40 seconds max loop time (48kHz, 16 bit) and 32 save-able presets and full undo / redo capability
  • Eight layers of undo / redo, unlimited overdubs and six loop modifiers (quantized and free time/speed changes, scrambler, trimmer, filter and dropper) available over two independent channels
  • Normal, additive and one-shot sampling modes, full MIDI implementation, a repeats knob for fading loops or to use blooper like a tap-tempo delay and CV clock sync and modulation control.

Also included is stability control, with the ability to introduce optional tape and warble effects into a loop, ramping and expression control plus plenty of DIP switches for all sorts of deeper sonic customization.

Keep up to date with the Blooper via Knobs’ channel.