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“I love seeing the instruments being played for the first time by the customer”: Luthier Rosie Heydenrych of Turnstone Guitars

Rosie Heydenrych left behind a career in the charity sector to set up her small workshop in Surrey, which now specialises in English-grown timber and is building a customer base that includes Tom Quail and Martin Simpson.

The 10 best guitar tracks to hear this week

This week's playlist features Greta Van Fleet, Emmy The Great, Jack White and many more.

Ritchie Blackmore salutes ‘ultimate guitar hero’ Eddie Van Halen

The former Deep Purple member took to social media to celebrate the late Van Halen

Devin Townsend on his love of Judas Priest, holding onto guitars for nostalgia and learning to forgive yourself

Getting his break as the vocalist on Steve Vai’s Sex & Religion, the Canadian musician has gone on to be one of the most respected musicians in metal. Here he talks how it all began, his reliance on delay and what he’d prefer to do over going to a gig.

Christian Martucci reveals why Corey Taylor’s CMFT is “five friends in a room just cutting loose”

Teaming up with the Slipknot man once again for his debut solo LP, guitarist Martucci discusses the importance of not overworking songs and his penchant for adding country licks to rock songs.

Watch: 60 Cycle Hum podcast recorded live for Live

The duo discuss a Gibson U Harp from 1918 that's been sent in by a listener, the Caroline WC2, and other instruments, pedals and bugbears.
01:00:32 Live: Ernie Ball Music Man artists discuss their relationship with their signature guitars

Alongside Jason Richardson, Steve Morse, John Petrucci, St Vincent and James Valentine, Dr Molly Miller discusses the way Ernie Ball Music Man has helped these musicians realise their dream guitars
00:20:45 Live: Kenny Wayne Shepherd discusses his new signature Strat

The Fender aficionado talks through the creation his new Strat in Transparent Faded Sonic Blue for Live

Watch: Zane Carney performs exclusively for Live

Using a brand new Heritage Custom Core H-150, the virtuosic session man performs exclusively for the virtual guitar show

Win! A Blackstar Sonnet 60 worth £349!

This smart and impressive acoustic amp from one of the UK’s leading amp builders is sounds superb and is hugely versatile. Enter our competition below to win one