Cole Music Co. debuts the ParaDrive

It features an innovative EQ section and a dual FET/op-amp circuit.

Cole Music Co. has released the ParaDrive, their latest overdrive pedal. The first of the Parametric Pedal Series, this new offering boasts an innovative EQ section.

The ParaDrive features a dual FET/op-amp circuit that combines elements of several notable overdrive pedals, such as the ‘Yellow’ DOD OD-250, ‘Brown’ Ross Distortion and the more obscure Pearl OD-5. The dual FET Burr Brown/TI OPA2604AP circuitry underpins the two-knob gain structure, giving the ParaDrive its touch sensitivity and medium gain profile.

Users can explore the tonal spectrum of the ParaDrive via its intuitive two-knob EQ stack, comprising a Frequency and EQ Gain knob. Described as a parametric EQ section, the ParaDrive appears to incorporate some Baxandall-esque considerations as well. The twin knobs allows users to zone in on any frequency from 100Hz to 4kHz and employ a boost/cut of up to 15dB.


The ParaDrive is housed in a polished aluminium enclosure and features true-bypass switching for maximum tonal integrity.

The Cole Music Co. Paradrive is now available for $189. For more information, click here.