Blackstar launches three ‘Neon’ versions of the Fly 3 amplifier

Want to get back to the eighties?

Blackstar has launched three new versions of the Fly 3 amplifier, all finished in a 1980s-inspired colour palette. The amplifier itself is the same three-watt portable practice amplifier as before.

The new neon colourways for the Fly 3 have been inspired by the vibrant colours found on shred guitars from the ‘80s (see above), and come in the following combinations – neon green or neon yellow with neon pink knobs and Blackstar logo, or neon pink with neon yellow knobs and Blackstar logo.

The amplifier features two channels – one clean, one overdrive – as well as Blackstar’s proprietary ‘ISF’ EQ control. The ‘ISF’ knob blends between a classically ‘American’ amp sound and a more ‘British’ sound. A simple tape delay circuit also allows for adjustment of delay time and mix. The three watts found onboard drive a three-inch speaker. You can also connect a pair of headphones or external speakers, or plug your phone or music player in via two eighth-inch auxiliary jacks.


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