Boss DS-1W: The iconic orange distortion gets the Waza Craft treatment

The new pedal is based on Boss’ iconic DS-1 Distortion.

Boss has announced a new addition to their Waza Craft family of premium compact pedals with the DS-1W Distortion.

The new pedal is based on the iconic Boss DS-1 Distortion released in 1978, but with Standard and Custom modes as well as a revised discrete analogue circuit, which Boss says will provide users with more range and versatility.

Standard mode will provide the well-known DS-1 sound, augmented by a two-stage gain circuit. The pedal’s tone control will provide control over low and high frequencies by boosting and cutting each end of the frequency spectrum.

The DS-1W’s Custom mode provides a thick, mid-focused tone, with the tone control now tuned to enhance richness and presence. Custom mode also increases available level by 6 dB, and boasts more input sensitivity.

The pedal also features a premium buffer for clean and clear tone when bypassed and each pedal comes with the standard compact series five-year warranty, as with all other premium Waza Shop products.

Hear the DS-1W in action below:

In other recent Boss news, the audio brand announced the Dual Cube LX and Dual Cube Bass LX earlier this year in August as the latest additions to its selection of Cube amplifiers. The compact Dual Cube LX Guitar Amplifier is said to pack a surprisingly full and powerful tone, and offers a choice of eight versatile amp types with a variety of stereo and mono effects.

The Dual Cube Bass LX is designed to provide refined tones for all styles of bass playing, and similar to the guitar amplifier, also sports a range of effects, embeds onboard memories and comes with five different preamp types.

The DS-1W is now available at $149.99 in the US. For more information, visit the Boss website.

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