Cascade Pedals debut the Hosstortion, a MOSFET distortion pedal

Based off the short-lived but revered Ibanez MT-10 Mostortion.

Cascade Pedals have introduced the Hosstortion, a “modern reimagining” of the short-lived but revered Ibanez MT-10 Mostortion.

The Hosstortion is a MOSFET distortion pedal. At its heart sits a BiMOS chip, which is a step up the original’s CMOS CA3260. According to Cascade, this allows the pedal more headroom, and produces warm mids, lots of low end while “maintaining the original tone-stack and sonic characteristics of the Mostortion”.

Controls for the Hoss include a level and dirt knob for dialling in your gain, and a powerful three-band EQ for shaping anything from sizzling leads, to fat hi-gain tones.


Other thoughtful features include pedalboard friendly top-mounted jacks, a premium foot switch, and a striking “sour apple” green-sparkle power housing.

To hear what the pedal can do, here’s a video demo from Cascade’s youtube channel:

The Hosstortion retails at US$175, learn more at

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